Ron Levine's Retirement Party

March 7, 1997

On March 1, 1997 I took an early retirement from the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office. It was a very difficult decision for me, but due to the illness of my daughter Sarah, I knew that I would have to leave full-time law enforcement and take a job that would allow me more flexibility in my hours. The day that I turned in my badge and ID, I traded them for a Reserve badge and ID and I'm still serving the citizens of Santa Clara County.

I'll be very honest.....I miss being a full time Deputy, but my family came first. Sarah has now been through three brain surgeries, six weeks of radiation therapy and most recently, a thirteen hour back surgery. She then had three months in a full body cast and I worked from home during that recovery period. Something I could not have done if I had stayed on with the Sheriff's Office.

Below are photos from my Retirement Party on March 7, 1997 at Harry's Hauf Brau in Cupertino.

Here I am with then Assistant Sheriff Laurie Smith. Laurie was elected Sheriff in November of 1998.

Some of the folks who attended; (L to R) Lt. Jim Huber, his son Jerry (who is also a Reserve with the S/O), Alan Mishaga (San Jose PD - former Deputy), Chirstina Bell (Santa Clara Co DA's Ofc), Skip Shervington - SCCSO and Asst. Sheriff Laurie Smith. The folks on the right in front of me are some friends from HP.

At left is Alan Mishaga (SJPD); to my immediate left is Pat Akana from Santa Clara PD. Pat and I were Explorer Cadets at Atherton PD back in the mid 1970's. To my right is Keith Viveiros, now a Sr. Dispatcher with Sunnyvale DPS. Keith and I worked together at Stanford DPS and was part of the "Three Musketeers" (see photo on my main page). Next to him (hidden) is Sky Thurber, Santa Cruz Co. S/O. Sky was one of my Explorers at Los Altos PD and we served in the same military reserve unit in the late 1980's. And on the far right, is Mark Leonardini, a fellow Deputy and former County Comm dispatcher.

In the front (L to R) Christina Bell, Skip Shervington and Laurie Smith. In the rear (trying to hide!) is Art Somohano - FBI, Duke Merino, Danny, Don Dardanelli and Lisa Bird.

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