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My Law Enforcement Career

San Mateo Co S/O Cadet

Here I am as a Cadet with the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office in 1972. Notice I'm a Sergeant already! I worked in various capacities (Cadet, Explorer, Intern) from June 1972, until July of 1977.

Atherton PD Explorer Cadet

And now, as an Explorer Cadet with the Atherton Police Department, circa 1973. I worked both at Atherton and San Mateo County until I was hired as an officer with the San Carlos Police Department in 1977. For some reason, I never had a photo taken of me in uniform while I was at San Carlos PD.

Los Altos PD

Due to Prop 13 in Nov of 1978, San Carlos PD had to lay off several officers. They split my hours with another officer, so I took a job with the Los Altos Police Department. I held several positions at Los Altos PD, including Reserve, Communications, Officer. For several years, I was the Advisor of the Department's Explorer Post. In this photo, I am with Kathy McCabe, one of the Explorer leaders at the time (1979/1980).

Stanford DPS M/C

Career opporunites brought me to the Stanford Department of Public Safety in 1981. Stanford DPS handles the unincorporated portions of Stanford University. Stanford has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office, whereby all Stanford officers are Deputy Sheriffs. In California, private educational institutions can not have their own police departments. I was very lucky to work several positions while at Stanford. In this photo, I'm working one of the motorcycle positions, circa 1983.

Standford DPS TAC Team

Stanford University plays host to many different events, including NCAA Football, Basketball and Baseball, concerts, festivals and conferences. Some of these activities can bring large numbers of fans/participants to the campus. While most of these events are peaceful, there were times when situations developed that required a strong police presence. For "normal" events, Stanford DPS used it's own deputies, CSO's and Special Event Officers to maintain order. For larger events, the Department would call on resources from the main office of the Sheriff's Office, along with allied police agencies for assistance. This photo was taken during preparation for a labor dispute with a campus employee union in 1982.

From left to right (back row) John McMullen (now with Santa Clara Co. DA's Office), Tim Hanrahan (now Lt.), Rick Miller, Sgt. Rick Enberg, Sgt. Nick Brunot (now Capt.), me; (front row) Iran White (now with CA DoJ-BNE), Keith Viveiros (now with Sunnyvale DPS), Sgt. Phil Love (now retired), Mike Seamons (now with CA Lottery Security), Charles "Andy" Holmes and Ted Hopgood (now retired)

Stanford DPS Badge

This was a photo taken right after we switched over to the new badges that I had designed, while President of the Stanford Police Officers Association.

Three Muskateers!

This was a photo taken at a Stanford POA Christmas party. Del Bandy (now Lt. Del Bandy) and Keith Viveiros (now Sr. Communications Supervisor for Sunnyvale DPS) went to the Academy with me.

84 Olympics K-9

In December of 1983, I got Bach. I had been working with the newly created Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit, assisting them with training locations at Stanford. A dog became available and I was lucky enough to get Bach. He had one of the best noses in the unit! Here we are training in the housing quarters for Olympic soccer teams in June of 1984, just before the players arrived.

Standford DPS SERT

I was part of the emergency response force at Stanford for critical incidents. This photo was taken during training before the 1984 Olympics. In addition to the Olympics, the 1985 Super Bowl was played at Stanford. We also entertained many foreign Heads of State, including Queen Elizabeth of England and President Mitterand of France. During his tenure as US Secretary of State, George Shultz maintained a residence on campus. I was the Liason Officer to the US State Department Office of Security (now known as the Diplomatic Security Service).

84 Olympics Stadium

In July of 1984, Stanford played host to Olympic soccer teams from all over the world. I had several roles during the summer games, including being a representatives to the International Olympic Committee's Intelligence & Planning cell, planning staff for executive protection, air support operations, intelligence and department photographer. This photo was taken one evening when I was assigned to the Olympic Stadium.

Ron & Bach

In Feburary 1985, I transfered to the Main Office of the Sheriff's Office in San Jose. Bach and I continuted to work on the K-9 Unit until I was transfered out of the division in 1988. Bach lived at home with me until January of 1995 when I had to put him to sleep. The hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life.

DoC Christmas

In 1988, the County created a civilian Department of Correction to take over the jails from the Sheriff. It was a VERY ugly political battle and even to this day, some of the issues have not been completely resolved. I personally sued the County over the DoC issue and I had my day in court on 09/30/88 (News Article). I found myself transferred to the DoC in January of 1989 and put in a very miserable year back in the jails. The deputies who were involuntarily transferred to the DoC, eventually had to give up their khaki and green Sheriff's uniforms, for the blue uniforms of the DoC. This photo was taken on Christmas Eve of 1989, when I was working the Information Desk at the Main Jail Complex. On the left is Missy Meyer, who was a Custody Support Assistant at the time. She worked with me at the Info Desk several days a week. Missy is now a San Jose PD officer. Santa was a County employee, who came to the Jail to entertain the children of inmates who were there to visit for the holidays.

Saratoga Patrol

From 1990 until the end of 1994, I was assigned to the Westside Substation/Patrol Division, as a Field Training Officer (FTO). The Westside patrol area covers the contract cities of Cupertino, Los Altos Hills and Saratoga (and during this time, Monte Sereno), along with Moffett Field and other unincorporated areas of the County. This photo was taken on my last patrol shift in Saratoga, in December of 1994.

C-CAP Group Photo

From 1996 until 1997, I was the Program Manager of the Career Criminal Apprehension Program. With me are two of the Deputies who assisted me in the unit, Duke Merino and Don Dardanelli. We had just returned from a late night operation working a crime pattern in the City of Cupertino.

In March of 1997, I took an early retirement due to my daughter's serious illness (Link to my Retirement Party Page). However, I stayed on as a Reserve Deputy until September of 2003. I was last assigned to the Detective Bureau, High Tech Crime Unit, with collateral duties on the "START" Team (Sheriff's Technical Assistance and Resource Team) as the Logistics/Staging Officer.

150th Anniversary Yearbook 

In recognition of the Sheriff's Office 150th Anniversary (1850 to 2000), the agency's first "yearbook" was published in 2002. All current personnel had the opportunity to have their photo in the yearbook. This is the photo from that publication.

Chief Ed Dunn and Ron

After a six year hiatus from full-time law enforcement, I returned to police work in June of 2003. I accepted a position with the Footill-DeAnza Community College District Police Department as their first ever Sergeant. The District covers Foothill College in Los Altos Hills and DeAnza College in Cupertino. I worked in Los Altos Hills and Cupertino as a Patrol Deputy with the Sheriff's Office, so I was already familiar with the colleges and surrounding area. This photo is of then Chief Ed Dunn and I, prior to his retirement in August of 2003. It was a treat to work for Ed again, albeit a short time. Ed was one of my Sergeants at Los Altos PD from 1978 to 1980, before he left to become Chief of the San Jose/Evergreen College District Police Department.

FHDA Officers

A little history about our Department; prior to 2001, Foothill had a Police Department, but DeAnza only had a Security Department. After adverting a near disaster (similar type of incident that occurred at Columbine High School), the College District combined the two entities into a full service, POST certified police agency. The sworn staff includes a Chief, an Assistant Chief, a Sergeant and 8 police officers. This photo was taken outside of our office and was given to Ed Dunn as part of his retirement gift. Back row (from the left); Stan Cross, me, Leif Nelson, and Jeff Meade. Front row; Aleksandra Kuna, Frank Rocha and Manny Respicio. Missng are Bill Riley and JR Dorcak.

FHDA Officers

As anyone in law enforcement knows, a Police Department can't operate with out it's non-sworn staff. Foothill-DeAnza PD has a complement of civilians who assist the police officers. The Department has 2 Dispatchers, 1 Records Supervisor, 1 Police Support Assistant, 2 Community Service Officers, 1 Parking Officer, 1 Event Coordinator and a variety of student security and parking officers. This photo is of our combined staff in July of 2003 (also given to the Chief as a retirement gift).

Assistant Chief

After the retirement of Chief Dunn in August of 2003, I was appointed Acting Assistant Director of Safety & Security/Police Chief. I assumed the role of running the District Police Department on a full-time basis.


I continued in the "acting" role until I was selected as the permanent Chief of Police in July of 2004. I took over as Chief officially on August 1, 2004 and had a small swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday, August 4, 2004, at the District Board Room. Chancellor Martha Kanter administered the Oath of Office in front of the staff present.

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